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Lesson 52 - Neornithischia Overview

Neornithischia ("new ornithischians") is a clade of the order Ornithischia. They are the sister group of the Thyreophora within the clade Genasauria. Neornithischians are united by having a thicker layer of asymmetrical enamel on the inside of their lower teeth. The teeth wore unevenly with chewing and developed sharp ridges that allowed neornithischians to break down tougher plant food than other dinosaurs.


They are divided either into two or three groups. The first of these groups were Ornithopoda ("bird-foot"). The other two groups were the Pachycephalosauria ("thick-headed lizards") and Ceratopsia ("horned-face"). These latter two are sometimes combined as Marginocephalia ("fringed heads") owing to their shared features which included the bony shelf they possessed on the back of the skull.

The outline for your study of the Neornithischia dinosaurs is at right.  The first section covers several miscellaneous dinosaurs in this clade.  Sections 6 and 7 cover two significant orders of Neornithischian dinosaurs, the Hadrosaurs and the Ceratopsans.

    The complete family tree for this clade is presented below. For those that you will not be studying, the links to the appropriate Wikipedia page are included in case you are curious about the other dinosaurs.

Section 5 - Neornithischia

Lesson 52 Overview
Lesson 53 Heterodontosauridae
Lesson 54 Hypsilophodon
Lesson 55 Iguanodon
Lesson 56 Pachycephalosaurus
Lesson 57 Dracorex
  Test 7
Section 6 - Hadrosaurs
Lesson 58 Hadrosaurid Overview
Lesson 59 Edmontosaurus
Lesson 60 Maiasaura
Lesson 61 Prosaurolophus
Lesson 62 Saurolophus
Lesson 63 Lambeosaurus
Lesson 64 Parasaurolophus
Test 8
Section 7 - Ceratopsia
Lesson 65 Overview
Lesson 66 Psittacosaurus
Lesson 67 Protoceratops
Lesson 68 Styracosaurus
Lesson 69 Triceratops, Part 1
Lesson 70 Triceratops, Part 2

bullet Agilisaurus
bullet Hexinlusaurus
bullet Othnielosaurus
bullet Stormbergia
bullet Albalophosaurus
Infraorder Ornithopoda
bulletFamily Camptosauridae
bulletFamily Dryosauridae
bulletFamily Hadrosauridae - (duck-billed dinosaurs)
bulletFamily Hypsilophodontidae
bulletFamily Iguanodontidae
bulletFamily Rhabdodontidae
bulletInfraorder Pachycephalosauria
bulletInfraorder Ceratopsia - (horned dinosaurs)

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