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    Welcome to Old Earth Ministries (OEM - formerly Answers In Creation).   This website is run by Biblical Creationists who monitor young earth creation ministries, and provide answers to their scientific claims, and provide links to the latest old earth creationism articles.
   Many people have rejected Christianity because of young earth creationism.  A proper understanding of the Bible and science shows that you can be a Christian and believe in an old earth.
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Billy Graham and Creation Science

Creation Science Watch (CSW) for March 27th

Creation Science Watch is a daily (Monday-Friday) page containing links to new articles posted on young and old earth creationist websites. It's the "Drudge Report" of Creation Science.
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Answers In Genesis

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Creation Ministries International

Institute for Creation Research

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Reasons to Believe

We Are Living in a Safe Time Window

Evidence the Moon is Made of Cheese

Exodus: Turning Water into Blood

How to Prepare Earth for Animals

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Age of Rocks
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Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? (from Crisis Magazine)

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Life in a Glass House: Diatoms Shatter Young Earth Flood Geology

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