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About Old Earth Ministries?

   Old Earth Ministries (formerly Answers In Creation) is a privately operated website, dedicated to sharing the Gospel, supporting Christians who believe in an old earth, and ending the false teaching of young earth creationism. It was founded in January 2003 by Greg Neyman. The site is quickly becoming known as a resource to the old-earth believer. Although OEM is mainly a Progressive Creationist website, all old-earth viewpoints are represented. Therefore, you may see differing views of old-earth belief represented.  OEM is operated by one volunteer, with the help of other volunteers who submit articles and answer emails.
  Why does Old Earth Ministries exist?  In the early 1600’s, the astronomer Galileo taught the idea that the planets revolved around the sun, which was contrary to the teaching of the church.  Eventually Galileo was proven right, and the church abandoned their false belief.  In the same way, OEM exists to help the church understand they are following a false teaching, and abandon young earth creationism in favor of accepting the scientific truth that our world is billions of years old.

    Our message is that you can believe in the Bible, and believe that the earth is billions of years old, with or without evolution, without any conflict. This website proudly proclaims this truth. Who else believes this way? Billy Graham, the famous evangelist, says that it does not matter what you believe about the creation. C. S. Lewis, the author of the Narnia series, believed in evolution and old ages. Many other famous Christians of our day also believe this way. What you believe about creation is insignificant. The Bible does not say "Believe in a young earth and be saved." When you get to heaven, God is not going to ask you what you thought about creation. He will ask you what you did about His Son. Jesus is what matters.  Old Earth Ministries is here to emphatically say, “You can be a Christian, and believe in an old earth.” Old earth belief varies, but the central issue in each case is Jesus Christ. In fact, you can believe in evolution (theistic evolutionist) and be a fundamentalist at the same time. There is no conflict between conservative Christianity and old earth belief.
   For the non-Christian who is seeking answers, we can help! Have you been told by Christians that the earth is young? Is this in direct conflict of your own conclusions based on science? There need be no conflict! Our articles will help you overcome obstacles between Christian belief and secular science. The best place to start is an explanation of old-earth theory (Click Here). After reading this introduction, check out the Articles section for more in-depth discussions.
   For Christians who believe in an old earth, we provide the necessary resources for you to defend your position with those Christians who advocate a 6,000-year-old earth. We do this by examining research articles on young-earth creationists websites, and then we point out the errors in those articles. We also provide original articles, a listing of old-earth books, and links to other old-earth websites.
For Christians who believe in a young earth, feel free to browse the site. Please keep in mind this website was created to aid non-Christians and old-earth Christians. The goal of this site is not to "destroy your belief." If you want, read no further and leave the site...thanks for visiting! If, however, you are interested in the topic of creation, feel free to bookmark this site and visit often.
   The layout of this website is very simple. If you have doubts about being able to be a Christian and believe in an old earth, click on this “Can I Be a Christian” link on the home page for an article addressing this concern. There are two main locations on the website for articles. One is the main Articles page, and the other is the young earth ministry rebuttal page. Our prayer is that God will guide you on your journey. Thanks for visiting!

Financial Statement


   Old Earth Ministries is privately funded by the founder.  Donations are accepted, but are not tax-deductible.  Donations are used to pay for the website, promote the website, and to buy any supplies for mailing, advertising, and professional fees for access to scientific publications.


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