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Geology and Creation Science

    Here at Old Earth Ministries, geology is the favorite subject. Even if you do not consider astronomy, it offers conclusive proof that the earth is old. Although the earth is old, geology as a science is very young, having started in the late 1700's.

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Stratigraphy (Arguments based on the earth's rock layers)

Desert Sandstones during Noah's Flood
Could a Global Flood Have Produced the Rock Layers? 
Coal Layers 
Chalk Layers 
  • Chalk from Noah’s Flood? – Young earth creation science experts claim that all chalk layers were produced during the Flood.  However, can the Flood even produce chalk?

Polystrate Trees

Geologic Processes

Structural Geology
Rock Formation
Plate Tectonics
  • Canyon Deception – Can a modern canyon that formed in six days be correlated to the Grand Canyon?

  • Missing Rivers? – Are the source rivers for Grand Canyon erosion missing?

Earth's Magnetic Field


  • Limestone Caves – Can the Limestone cave sediments be deposited during the flood, and the caves form in a short time frame?

  • Sulfuric Acid Caves – Can you form limestone caves quickly with sulfuric acid?

The Earth Looks Young


Miscellaneous Claims