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      Answers In Creation is dedicated to providing high-quality, free online homeschool curriculum.  Our popular Geology Curriculum for homeschooled high school students comes complete with lessons, quizzes, and tests, and best of's free.  See the link below for more details.  Two other courses available are the Earth History Curriculum and Dinosaur Curriculum. 

     We also have our older lessons, in PowerPoint, still available below.  These are suitable for grades 3-6.

          Ever considered Scripture Memory for your children?  Check out the Scripture Memory Page!


NEW - Online Dinosaur Curriculum

    The free online DInosaur Curriculum may be just what your homeschooled high school student needs for a science elective.   Click here to visit the curriculum homepage.

Online Earth History Curriculum

     The online Earth History Curriculum (also known as Historical Geology) is a 71 lesson course that teaches the 4.5 billion year history of our planet.  This course is designed for high school level students only.  For more information, visit the Earth History Curriculum homepage.


Answers In Creation Online Geology Curriculum


     The online geology curriculum for high school students contains lessons, quizzes, and tests.  Best of's free!  It has been online for five years, and has been used by individual homeschool families and by private schools.  Click here for more.

OEM Homeschool Lessons


    All lessons are designed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000.  For those who do not have PowerPoint, you may download the free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft at the link below.

Lessons Currently Available


To save on your computer, right-click, and choose “Save As,” choose a location, and click  “Save.”


Download PowerPoint Viewer from


Creation, Day One (763 Kb)     Grade 3+

Creation, Day Two (531 Kb)     Grade 3+

Creation, Day Three (714 Kb)   Grade 3+

Creation, Day Four (1.64 Mb)   Grade 3+

Creation, Day Five (938 Kb)     Grade 3+

Creation, Day Six  (472 Kb)      Grade 3+

8,936 total Homeschool Lesson downloads since 10 Aug 2003 (thru 31 Dec 06

Other Lessons/Resources


    Reasons to Believe now has an 11th-12th grade creation science curriculum.  To learn more about this, see their Reasons Institute website.

    Another source for curriculum in the past has been Christian Schools International.  At one time they claimed their curriculum consisted of a balanced approach to creation science, solidly teaching that there is a creator, but presenting all viewpoints (old earth and young earth).  They choose to let the student make up their own mind.  We highly encourage you to check out their materials.  Click here to visit them.  NOTE:  CSI has changed their website, and the claim that they present a balanced approach can no longer be verified.

For more lessons on Geology, click here.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! - A Young Earth Book Review

   A popular book written for the youth of the young earth creation science movement, who will accept the authority figure of Mr. Ham, and his arguments, without questioning the truthfulness of his statements.  For anyone willing to go deeper and examine the evidence, they will discover that Mr. Ham has not told the whole truth.

Old Earth Educational Books

   There are some good quality books that use good science to teach about God's creation.  You can also find other books that are excellent texts, however, they are not written from a Christian perspective.  The books presented here are roughly arranged with those appropriate for younger students listed first.  Please click here to view the book page.



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Geology Curriculum

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Other Lessons/Resources

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! - A Young Earth Book Review

Old Earth Educational Books

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