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Dinosaurs and Creation Science

The articles below address creation science issues related to dinosaurs, showing that dinosaurs prove conclusively that the earth is old. This page also includes plesiosaurs, although they are not true dinosaurs.
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Book Reviews

T-Rex/Dinosaur Soft Tissue / Blood Claims

Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaur Extinction

Biblical Dinosaurs 

  • Job 40-41 (Behemoth and Leviathan) - Biblical Interpretation of Job’s Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Art 

Dinosaur Evolution

Old Earth Proofs


Miscellaneous Claims

Dinosaurs In The News


Warm Blooded Dinosaurs Worked Up A Sweat

Jurassic Docs - Paleontologists Teach Medical Students About Fossil Tumors

Dinosaur Fossils Fit Perfectly Into the Evolutionary Tree of Life

Mini-sized Dinosaurs - Miniature sauropods that are full grown, yet only weighing 1 ton

Wright Brothers Upstaged! Dinos Invented Biplanes

Newly Discovered Birdlike Dinosaur Is Oldest Raptor Ever Found In South America

Researcher Identifies Tracks Of Swimming Dinosaur

Skull Study Sheds Light on Dinosaur Diversity

Earliest Dinosaur Embryos Discovered

Dr. Bob Bakker Working on Theological Book


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Best Dinosaur Websites on the Internet



BBC – Walking With Dinosaurs


The Dinosauricon

Dinosaur Time Machine (for children)

Hanman’s Fossils – Buy replica Dinosaur claws, teeth, etc.

Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology

Jurassic Park Institute

Museum of the Rockies

National Geographic: Dinosaur News

Prehistoric Planet

When Dinosaurs Roamed America – Discovery Channel

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Young Earth Dinosaur Books Refuted

Zoom Dinosaurs – Kid-Friendly Dino Site