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G321:  Many Geologic Features are Catastrophic in Origin


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The geologic record contains many catastrophic features, such as rapidly buried fossils.  These indicate that a great flood buried them.  The Flood of Noah provides the best explanation for these events.  The uniformitarian, slow-deposition model, cannot explain them.

Source:  Morris, Henry M., 1974. Scientific Creationism, Green Forest, AR: Master Books, pp. 91-100.




  1. Yes, there are evidences of many catastrophic events in the geologic record, including rapidly buried fossils.  However, not all fossils show evidence of rapid burial.

  2. The uniformitarian model says that rock deposits are best understood by looking at ongoing deposition processes today.  Since we have rapid burial today, in such events as floods and hurricanes, then catastrophic events happened in the past.  Catastrophism is therefore a part of the uniformitarian model.

  3. Some fossils show evidence of being buried in a flood...but which flood?  The geologic record shows evidences of many individual floods.  One cannot claim it was a specific flood (Noah's Flood) unless one were present to witness it.


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