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Biology Class in the Year 2015

2 January 2006


Review by Greg Neyman


      Young earth creationist David Menton has come up with a spoof of what he views is a possibility in the year 2015.  In this imaginary first day of biology class, he makes fun of the teaching of evolution1  

    As is typical of young earth efforts, they use emotion, making the other side look funny or ridiculous.  The main reason for the emotion is because they cannot defeat the machine that is evolution by using real science.  All their efforts have thus far been far short of convincing to the evolution community (although their arguments are "bought" by those who are already young earth creationists).  Thus, articles such as these are not meant to convince the opposition, but to strengthen the faith of their own believers.

    I was surprised by the ridiculous amount of emotion in this one.  Menton makes ridiculous scenarios which in no way could happen, not even if our society were to accept evolution completely.  There is no doubt that young earth readers will accept his words, and will be alarmed at this being a possibility.  At the end, Answers in Genesis adds "Is this the future we want?" 

     The only way to produce such material is out of fear.  It is clear Menton, and AiG are fearful of the evolutionary monster that is coming to life in our society.  Schools, museums, and educators are all banding together to promote the teaching of evolution, as a counter-campaign against young earth creationist tactics.  In campaigning so actively against evolution over the past 40 years, the young earth creationist crowd has finally awoken this monster, and it is beginning to stir with a vengeance. 

     Since you can believe in evolution, and believe in God, there is no problem if one wants to be a Theistic Evolutionist.  Evolution has no impact upon the doctrines of the Bible.  In the end, young earth creationists would have been better off ignoring evolution.  After many years of fighting evolution, the evolutionists are now uniting and fighting back.  It is an unnecessary war.


1  The First Day of Biology Class in the Year 2015, published at

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