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Feedback: Why take the Bible Literally?

13 January 2006


Review by Greg Neyman


     The Answers in Genesis Daily Feature on 13 January 2006 addresses teh concern of one feedback submitter to the Answers in Genesis website.1  Normally, a feedback submitter is not treated very kindly by Answers in Genesis, but this one appears to be an exception, as Bodie Hodge answers with kindness (this appears to be a question from an honest truth seeker, and not someone criticizing AiG).

     This is one case where I am going to agree with Answers in Genesis.  The Bible should be taken as a representation of actual, literal events.  (It should be pointed out that old earth creationists known as progressive creationists, interpret the Bible literally.  Also, many theistic evolutionists also take the Bible literally.  There is no conflict between old earth belief and a literal interpretation.  What is at stake is the length of days, and the Flood of Noah being a local event.  In either case, a literal interpretation is acceptable.)

     Another concern addressed is 2 Peter 3:8, which says that a thousand years to the Lord is like a day, and a day like a thousand years.  I agree with means God is not bound by time.  It does not mean the creation days were 1,000 years long.

     Overall, there is no threat here against old earth belief.


1  Feedback for the week of 9 Jan 06, published at

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