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Answers in Genesis - USA Launches New Magazine

16 February 2006


Review by Greg Neyman

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      On 16 February 2006 Answers in Genesis announced that they will be publishing a new magazine in the United States, titled Creation Answers.1   Personally, I am thrilled with this announcement, as it will give me more material to provide rebuttals to.  When it first comes out, you can find rebuttals to this new magazine on our Creation Answers page.  At first I may only provide rebuttals to articles they put on the web.  Please stay tuned for more!


Footnote:  In a tip of the hat to Old Earth Ministries, Answers in Genesis changed the name of their new magazine to Answers.  This was done for search engine efficiency.  The problem is that if a person typed in Creation Answers into a search engine, the results would contain many entries from the Old Earth Ministries website, which contains the same two keywords. (At the time of this article, OEM was known as Answers In Creation).



1  AiG-USA to Launch New Magazine, published at



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