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Culture Wars - Yes, but Who is Right?

20 February 2006


Review by Greg Neyman

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     On 20 February 2006 Answers in Genesis used an Answers Update article for their daily feature.1   This article by Carl Kerby dealt with what was termed culture wars.  There is a war going on, as the church battles for the souls of our youth, and popular culture also wages the same war, seeking to influence our youth.  The war has recently escalated, as evolutionists have chosen to fight back against the young earth creation science establishment.

     I find myself agreeing with many of the items that Kirby mentions.  We are engaged in a war of worldviews with secular humanism.  America was founded on Christian principles based on the Bible.  We used to have prayer in schools, nativity scenes in public forums, along with crosses and the Ten Commandments.  All of these things are worthy causes that we should be battling for.

     However, let's look at who can win this battle.  Given the fact that one of the main proponents of these items is young earth organizations, and given the fact that young earth creation science has no respect in the secular world, it is no wonder why we are losing this cultural battle.  I commend Answers in Genesis and others for standing up for God, but given that they cannot be taken seriously, due to their scientific positions on creation, they cannot win this war for us.

     In essence, they are a hindrance to this cultural war.  Evolution will win every time (unless some high-placed judge who is young earth has influence).  The young earth creation science movement is the laughing stock of real scientists everywhere.  Even other Christian scientists, who believe in an old earth, evolution, and an inerrant Bible, cannot abide with these brothers due to their dogmatic views.

     Answers in Genesis would like to be in the forefront of this cultural war, leading the charge for God (and for a young earth...a battle which cannot be won).  However, in the long run, they are doing more harm for the church than good.  We have many Christian organizations out there, standing up for the Bible.  Answers in Genesis should focus on their faulty creation science, and not upon other social issues. 

    They have used these social issues to help drum up support for their young earth agenda (based on the bad science, they have go try and get support from wherever they can).  However, this strategy is backfiring for the church as a whole.

    While I do believe, and pray, that America will return to a Christian worldview, young earth creation science has zero chance of leading us there.  The world is clearly old, and Christian organizations that accept this will be the only ones who can have respect with the secular world, and possibly reach them for Christ. 


1  Culture Wars, Our Young People & the Bible, by Carl Kerby, published at



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