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5 March 2006


Review by Greg Neyman

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      In January of this year, the young earth creation science ministry Answers in Genesis announced that they would no longer be offering Creation Magazine in the United States.  Instead, they would be starting a new magazine called Answers.  Now, nearly two months later, we learn why.  Answers in Genesis has suffered a split, and apparently a not-to-friendly split at that.  The parent organization from which Answers in Genesis was formed, which was Answers in Genesis - Australia, is breaking off from Answers in Genesis - USA.  The new name for the organization is Creation Ministries International (CMI).  This Australian-based organization is headed by Carl Wieland, Jonathan Sarfati, and others. 1  

     The background behind this split is unknown.  According to the news release on 5 March on the Answers in Genesis website, CMI has "philosophical and operational policies that have them moving forward with unique goals and objectives." 

     A quick check of the new Creation Ministries International website shows that CMI is made up of the former Answers in Genesis organizations in four countries...Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.   About the differences, the CMI website says "At that time, in the midst of discussions about this and other differences in operating philosophy (not involving the statement of faith or similar), the Australian office was formally invited to form its own website. This required a new name to avoid confusion."

     Creation Ministries International will continue to publish their leading magazine Creation, and the Journal of Creation (formerly TJ).  The circumstances surrounding the magazines has led some to question the amicability of the breakup.   In January, AiG announced their new magazine on their website.  In this announcement, they gave the subscribers the option to get a refund on their remaining subscriptions, or they could be "upgraded" to the new magazine.  What they did not say is that readers have the option of continuing to receive Creation magazine and Journal of Creation, which are still being produced by CMI.  To pour salt in the would, AiG -USA was the sole owner of the subscription list for the United States, and they did not release this data to CMI.  In fact, according to CMI, they found out that Answers in Genesis would stop distribution of Creation magazine via the same web article that the general public read about it.  Apparently, Answers in Genesis refuses to discuss any matters with Creation Ministries International, which indicates that this breakup was not a friendly parting of the ways. 


NOTE: A summary page of documents concerning the split can be viewed here.     


1  A New Name in the Creation Family, published at



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