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The United Kingdom's National Curriculum

21 March 2006


Review by Greg Neyman

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      On 21 March 2006 the Answers in Genesis daily feature was an article about the National Curriculum used in the United Kingdom (with the exception of Scotland).1   Apparently Christians in the UK, and particularly the young earth variety, are under increasing pressure. 

     There are several interesting portions of this article, in the form of text boxes which discuss two related issues.  The first is a comment on the Church of England, and the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent remarks on creationism.  The excerpt that Answers in Genesis gives is unclear, and can be taken two ways, both in favor or against creationism.  I will eagerly await Answers in Genesis commentary on the Archbishop's comments.

     The other text box discusses a radio debate that the author, Paul Taylor, had with Richard Dawkins, the leading atheistic evolutionist in England (and, due to his outspokenness, one of the most recognized atheists in the world).   Although I approve of the teaching of evolution, I do not approve of the tactics, and the attitude, of Dawkins, who is clearly anti-Christian.  More power to Answers in Genesis as they take on Dawkins in print and on radio.

     Now, on to the article itself.  The National Curriculum used in the education system in the United Kingdom does teach from the evolutionary point of view.  However, it also contains statement, that encourages pupils to look at different viewpoints, including creationism.  Concerning these parts of the National Curriculum, apparently evolutionists and humanists don't know about, or are willfully ignorant, of this provision in the curriculum. 

    From all indications, this National Curriculum is a fair approach to the subject of science, and if creationism is considered as an alternative, I'll not stand in the way.  It is good that the National Curriculum has an open view about issues.  My only concern is that young earth creationism may be taught in some cases, which clearly is not scientific. 

    I'm happy that creationism can have a voice in the schools, however,  presenting young earth creationism to bright students will only drive them away from the church, as they see the conflict between the scientific evidence and the young earth interpretation.  I hope that the teachers who choose to present the creation alternative do so by presenting both young and old earth perspectives.  If this is done, it would be apparent to the students that old earth creationism is the better choice, and they may in the end be reached for Christ. 


1  "Willful Ignorance" of the English National Curriculum, published at


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