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Catch 22 - Toxotes Chatareus (Archer Fish)

Ex Nihilo, Volume 2, Issue 4, October 1979

Review by Greg Neyman

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     This story starts off with a comparison of a Catch 22, as portrayed in the movie by that name, with evolution.  A example of a catch 22 is the chicken and the egg...which came first.  No matter which you choose, there are major problems.

     He says that evolution presents us with a Catch 22.

In a similar way, evolution often presents us with a Catch 22, the belief that the physical characteristics essential for the survival of animals arose by mutation and were fine-tuned by natural selection: The catch?—if these animals require these characteristics for survival, how did these animals survive over the millions of years that it must have taken them to evolve to a point where they could survive?

     This is a common young earth creation science claim about the theory of evolution.  The animals did not "require" these features to survive, but these features helped them survive better.  Thus, when the feature manifested itself, those with this feature had a better chance at survival, and eventually, it became a normal part of the animal.  I would call this an over-simplification of the theory of evolution.

     To prove this imaginary Catch 22, he picks an animal, a fish named Toxotes Chatareus, commonly known as the Archer fish.  It uses a tiny jet of water, and shoots it at an object (flying insect, fruit, etc) and then eats it when it falls in the water.  However, the argument about how it developed this feature is meaningless.  

     He poses several questions to ask.  "Is this characteristic necessary for survival?"  He answers it no, since the Archer fish also eats food that is not caught using the water jet.  No problems here for evolution, though.  He poses the idea that food supplies ran low, so this developed.  He then goes back to the "it couldn't have survived" argument, which is the over-simplification argument previously mentioned.

     Next, how did it acquire this accuracy.   This time, he over-complicates the issue.  He brings in the laws of refracting light.  This can be solved simply by the fish practicing over and over!

     As a progressive creationist, I would actually agree with the author, that the Archer fish is a unique creation of God.  However, as a defender of all forms of old earth belief, I must confront any attacks on theistic evolution.  And, since God was involved in the evolution process...anything is possible.


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