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Lamellibranch Shells - Evidence of Catastrophe

Ex Nihilo, Volume 3, Issue 2, May 1980


Review by Greg Neyman

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     The young earth author J. Mackay uses examples from a seashell to make a case that they argue for a catastrophic burial.

     The author shows pictures of the shells, and then a picture of it in a rock matrix as a fossil.  The difference, he claims, is that the matrix does not represent a buried ecosystem.  He says when you walk along the beach, you have along with the shells, dead or living plants or animals.

     I've been on plenty of beaches, and you can easily walk along and find shells that are nowhere near other dead or living plants or animals.  Yes, if you go out into the water, the picture changes.  But at the beach, his argument does not wash. 

     He claims that it must have took a strong current to move them from their ecosystem to where they are buried by themselves.  Anyone can observe this process by going to the beach, so his argument makes absolutely no sense.

     Next, the author shows a fossilized shell which contains both halves of the shell.  I agree with the author, in this case, you would need rapid burial to explain why both halves are together.  However, it should be pointed out that most fossil shells I have found, or fossils I have seen, are single shells.  So yes, we can find evidence of rapid burial.

     However, as the author points out at the end of his article, "When you discover a single bed or deposit of shells like the ones described in this article, you have not proved a worldwide flood."  I could not put it any better.  Old earth geologists recognize that some fossils are catastrophic in origin.  You would have to prove that all fossils were catastrophic to prove a global flood only 6,000 years ago. 


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