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     Answers in Genesis produced a technical journal for the general public.  This journal, called Technical Journal, or TJ, is claimed to be "peer-reviewed."  However, the peers doing the reviewing are also young earth creationists.  Therefore, in the normal understanding of what peer-review means, this journal fails to meet the standards. 

    Many Technical Journal articles are also posted on the web.  On this page you can access our rebuttals for the contents of this magazine.

    With the defection of the United States branch of Answers in Genesis, Answers in Genesis - Australia has been renamed Creation Ministries International.  The Australian branch was the publisher of TJ.  As of 2006, this journal has been renamed Journal of Creation.


December 2012

    Do radioisotope methods yield trustworthy relative ages for the earth’s rocks?


December 2008

   An Analysis of John Matthews' "The Origin of Oil - A Creationist Answer"


March 2006

   Green River Formation and the Flood


April 2005

   Ripples of Galaxies


August 2004

   Laurentide Ice Sheet

   Navajo Sandstone


December 2003

   Biblical Genealogies


December 2002

   Cosmologists Can't Agree?


April 2002

   Clarkia Fossil Beds


August 2001

   Faint Young Sun Paradox 


April 2001

   Fossil Tetrapods From Russia

   The Permian Extinction


April 2000

   The Fossil Record


April 1999

   No Dark Matter in the Milky Way?


December 1998

   Sulfuric Acid Cave Formation


August 1997

   Dinosaur Extinction


December 1996

   Mt Saint Helens Dacite Dating


April 1995

   Black Holes


April 1994

   Chalk and Noah's Flood

   Ark Study Flawed




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