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A Global Flood on Mars?


Review by Greg Neyman

First Published 2006


    In an article on the Creation, Dinosaurs and the Flood website, young earth creation science advocate Charlie Liebert posted an essay that discusses a possible worldwide flood on Mars.1

     In this essay, he claims that NASA has proposed that a worldwide flood happened on Mars, which caused the many canyons found there. 

     I did a search for this on the internet, and the only place I could find this was on young earth websites.  I read several NASA releases, and none mention a global flood. 

    Articles I read mentioned evidence of great lakes which fed canyons, but nothing of the entire planet being covered in water.  Without Liebert listing his sources, it is impossible to verify this claim.

     In closing, Liebert says "  Good science always looks at ALL possibilities before coming to conclusions."  However, young earth creation science does not follow this principle.  They read the Bible, interpret it to be a young earth, and then examine the rocks and cram it into their young earth biased conclusion.  They have already came to a conclusion before examining the evidence, which is contrary to Liebert's statement.


1  The Flood, NASA, and Mars, published on the web at



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