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Timothy K. Christman, Ph.D.


     Dr. Christman is an engineer by training with a background in Materials Science and Engineering (Ph.D, Ohio State University).  His dissertation research concerned reliability of piping in nuclear reactors.


     He initially worked for 12 years with Battelle Laboratories in the area of materials performance in chemical plants and nuclear and fossil fuel energy systems.  For the last 10 years he has worked with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in the area of hazardous waste site remediation.  This work has included cleanups at Ohio’s nuclear materials facilities.  During his work at OEPA he has studied geology in conjunction with restoration of polluted ground water aquifers.


     Dr. Christman has been interested in the evolution-creation controversy for some time and he considers himself to be a theistic-evolutionist.  As a member of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) he has long believed that the Christian faith is compatible with the scientific understanding of the age of the universe and the changing nature of life on earth.  He is particularly concerned about the questionable science of young-earth creationism and its introduction into the public school system.


Author of:  Critique of the RATE Group’s Zircon-Helium Diffusion Project



To email Dr. Christman, send email to  As you can imagine, Old Earth Ministries gets a large amount of email from young earth creationists wanting to argue issues with us.  Through experience we have found that this usually leads to endless email exchanges that have no impact upon each other's beliefs.  Therefore we do not conduct debates via email.  If you are a young earth creation science believer wishing to argue your cause, your email will be read, but in most cases no response will be given.





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