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by Greg Neyman

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     Are the warnings from scientists and environmentalists about global warming true?  To what extent should Christians be worried about global warming?  This page is designed to help you sift through the chaff, and reach a decision about global warming that is free from any bias.  While I will only provide a short commentary, I urge everyone to check out the links below, both for and against global warming, so that you can decide for yourself.

   Yes, Christians should be concerned about global warming, but how alarmist should they be?  Clearly, from a Scriptural perspective, we should take care of the earth which God gave us.  If we are contributing to global warming through our carbon dioxide emissions, we have a responsibility to take action to prevent global warming.

    We know that global temperature has risen.  Since we began measuring global temperature in the late 19th century, we have only risen 0.6 degrees centigrade.  That does not sound like much, and it is far less than what the environmentalists would like you to believe. 

     The most famous chart used by environmentalists is known as the 'hockey stick' graph.  This shows that since 1900 we have been rising in global temperature, as opposed to the previous 900 years, where we remained steady.  It should be pointed out that we only began to measure global temperature since 1880.  The data from pre-1900 comes from tree ring growth and computer modeling. 

     The scientist who came up with this graph has refused to allow other scientists to examine his computer model.  Thus, this 'hockey stick' has not been subjected to peer review, as is normal for scientific works.  Until this happens, we cannot accept this graph, for the same reason we cannot accept young earth creation science arguments...they too have not been subjected to peer review. 

    In this sense, the global warming "movement," which is intimately tied to this graph, is very similar to the young earth creation science movement.  Both movements expect you to accept the words of these so-called experts, without examining the underlying foundations.      

     The scientists involved in the young earth movement have a specific agenda.  They are out to prove a young earth.  They have a specific bias...that the earth is young.  This leads me to similar conclusions about the scientists involved in global warming.  They have a specific agenda.  They are out to prove global warming.  Although I feel that they sincerely believe that global warming is true, how much can we trust them?

     The numbers of scientists who believe that global warming is real is very large.  But there is another side that you need to consider.  There are scientists (not nearly as many) who do not think that global warming is a concern.  Though small in number, they are striving to get their message out as well. 

     At either end of this argument one must also consider the money issue.  The scientists who say global warming is a myth are probably funded by the oil and coal companies who stand to lose a lot of money if the world goes green.  And of course, environmental groups are pumping a lot of money into educating people that global warming is real.

     In closing, we know that global warming is real.  However, the big question for me is what part mankind has played in this warming.  If mankind is to blame, then the only way for us to effectively change global warming is to have a global response.  All nations, especially industrialized nations, must change.  The Kyoto Accord is seen by some as the answer, but it has little chance of impacting global temperature.  And, since we don't even know if mankind is to blame, our efforts at reducing greenhouse gases may be ineffective.

     What then is a Christian to do?  Since the earth is billions of years old, these periods of warming (and cooling) have undoubtedly happened in the past...just look at the multiple ice ages.  We should be good stewards of what God has given us.  This means looking out for the environment.  I encourage everyone to do their part. 

     Therefore, our response should be simple.  Christians should do their part in eliminating greenhouse gases.  However, I feel there is no need to panic over this issue....not yet anyway.  I recommend everyone study the issue for themselves and come to your own conclusions.  Personally, I lean toward being critical of the global warming hysteria.   


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