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Global Warming - It Shares a Parallel with Young Earth Creation Science


Old Earth, Young Minds: Evangelical Homeschoolers Embrace Evolution - 13 March 2013, The Atlantic


Tyrannosaur "Missing Link" Among New Dinosaurs From China

22 April 2009,


     A possible missing link in the Tyrannosaur family tree has been discovered in China 


World's Oldest Living Tree

16 April 2008,


     A spruce tree in Sweden has been estimated to be about 9,550 years old, making it the oldest living tree.  According to the young earth model, all trees would have been destroyed, and would have started growing anew after the Flood of Noah, which occurred some 4,300 years ago.  However, this tree is twice as old as Noah's Flood.  This presents a problem for the young earth model.  Old earth creationism models are unaffected by this discovery.


T-Rex Thigh Reveals Chicken Family Ties

12 April 2007,


     Scientists have extracted tiny bits of protein from a 68 million year old t-rex, and the scientists report that t-rex and chickens are distant cousins.  This lends support to theistic evolutionists who believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs.


Scientists Confirm Existence of Dark Matter

21 August 2006,


     Young earth creationists have long argued that dark matter was an imaginary tale told by secular astronomers.  Now, those astronomers have shown that dark matter does indeed exist.  In reality, the existence of dark matter has been proven before, but YECs have been slow to admit that they are wrong.  Will this proof-positive study change their minds?


What Use is Half a Wing in Evolution of Birds?

1 May 2006,


     A question that has long been posed by young earth creationists is the title of this article.  Now, there appears to be a possible answer to the question.  Yes, half a wing is useful.  To find out more, read the source article on Science Daily.


Fossil shows how fish made the leap to land

5 April 2006, MSNBC.COM


     An exciting fossil find shows an intermediary form, helping scientists understand how fish may have made the transition to land.  For theistic evolutionists, this is an exciting find that should be examined as a possible transitional fossil.


Prehistoric Global Warming May Have Contributed To Fossil Preservation

16 October 2005,


     Mass extinction events during earth's history have led young earth creationists to claim that they are proof of a catastrophic flood (the flood of Noah).  New research indicates that prehistoric global warming trends correspond to these events.  There have been 41 mass extinction events leading to exceptional fossil preservation, each separated by millions of years.  A single event, such as the young earth global flood of Noah, would not produce this pattern, with 41 separate global warming events during a year long flood.  Once again, old earth science triumphs over the young earth model.


'Missing' Dark Matter Is Really There

16 October 2005,


     A new report from Hebrew University shows that missing dark matter from some galaxies is really there.  The apparent lack of dark matter in some galaxies has been used by some young earth creationists as evidence against the Big Bang model.  Once again, however, scientific study has validated the Big Bang.


Oxygen Increase Caused Mammals To Triumph, Researchers Say

3 October 2005,


     The first continuous record of Earth's historical oxygen levels shows a sharp increase about 50 million years ago.  This may have led to the dominance of the mammals.  This is why mammals only appear in the recent fossil record.  A young earth model cannot explain why there were lower oxygen levels in rocks that are supposedly deposited by Noah's Flood.


Rapid-Born Planets Present 'Baby Picture' Of Our Early Solar System

11 September 2005,


     New findings of solar systems outside of our own show varying stages of development, indicating the recent formation (1 million years ago) of a new solar system.  If God created fully formed star systems in the 24-hour period of Day Four of creation, why do they show evidence of greatly varying ages?  In the young earth model, they should all be the same age.


Model Gives Clearer Idea of How Oxygen Came to Dominate Earth's Atmosphere

12 August 2005,


     A new model by researchers at the University of Washington explains how free oxygen developed in our atmosphere more than two billion years ago.  Free oxygen is an argument sometimes used by young earth creationists.  For more, check out the article Free Oxygen on the Old Earth Ministries website.


NASA's Spitzer Finds Hidden, Hungry Black Holes

7 August 2005,


     Astronomers have puzzled over the lack of quasars observed in the universe...until now.  The number predicted had never matched the number observed, but new research has located the missing quasars, and therefore it verifies the predictions of how many there should be.


Dustiest Star Could Harbor a Young Earth

22 July 2005,


     A dusty star just 300 light-years away is providing data for astronomers to understand planet formation.  Scientists have been searching for such a star for many years, as this type of situation is part of the model which explains how planets form. 

     This dusty star shows that not all planets and stars are fully formed.  According to young earth creationists, especially Henry Morris, no more stars or planets are being formed after the creative week ended.  If that's true, then it looks like God forgot to finish this one!  This star shows that planet and star formation is an ongoing process, using laws set in motion by God.

     Also, see Dust-Enshrouded Star Looks Similar To Our Sun.


Ice Age Ocean Circulation Reacted To, Did Not Cause, Climate Change At Glacial Boundaries

1 May 2005,


     Young earth creationists believe the Ice Age is the result of Noah's Flood, due to the warming of the oceans and the increased evaporation.  New evidence shows that ocean circulation of warm/cold waters did not cause the major climate changes, but rather ocean circulation reacted to the climate changes.  Warm oceans did not cause the last Ice Age.


Explosions In Space May Have Initiated Ancient Extinction On Earth

11 April 2005,


     Bursts of gamma-ray radiation could be responsible for many of the mass extinction events in earth's history, according to scientists at NASA and the University of Kansas.  Multiple extinction events make more sense than the young earth theory that Noah's Flood caused the extinctions.  Noah's Flood would create one massive extinction event, not separate events, in the fossil record.


Dark Matter Galaxy Identified

24 February 2005, MSNBC.COM


     A galaxy made of dark matter has been identified by astronomers.   Dark matter has been theorized for the last two decades due to its apparent gravitational effects on visible objects.  This new "invisible" galaxy confirms a young earth theorists' worst fears...that once again, evidence for the Big Bang has been confirmed.  Instead of the Big Bang collapsing, as they have been claiming for the last 30 years, we continue to find evidence that confirms the Big Bang model.


See Also Seeing The Invisible


Blast from the Past

23 February 2005,


     On 27 December 2004, a giant flare was detected, which came from an isolated, exotic neutron star within the Milky Way.  The flare was more powerful that any blast previously seen in our galaxy.  The source of this blast is 50,000 light years away, meaning that the actual blast occurred 50,000 years ago.

     If you believe light was created in-transit, therefore giving the appearance of age, then you have to believe that this "blast" never occurred.  In this case, God created evidence of an event which never other words He lied.  However, God cannot lie...thus this presents a dilemma for believers of the apparent age theory.


Hubble Uncovers A Baby Galaxy In A Grown-Up Universe

2 December 2004,


     The Hubble telescope has spotted a galaxy that is less than 500 million years old.  If all galaxies and stars were created in a six 24-hour day creation week, then all galaxies should be the same age.  However, they all testify to their own unique ages.


Researchers Reconstruct Parts Of The Genome Of A Common Mammalian Ancestor
1 December 2004,


     Researchers have reconstructed the genome of a small shrew using the DNA of 19 currently existing mammals, including humans.  The genome is 98-percent complete.  This incredible feat shows that we may owe our ancestry to the mammals of the past, which would vastly strengthen the position of theistic evolutionists.


New Astronomical Results Refine The Geological Time Scale

3 November 2004,


     Yes, geologists frequently adjust the times that are represented on the Geologic Time Scale.  Does this mean the time scale is bad, like the young-earth proponents claim?  By no means.  Adjustments are made when new discoveries are made, which means the time scale is getting more and more accurate!  Here is one example of fine-tuning the time scale.


Tracking Ancient Earth's Oxygen Levels Provides Backdrop For Evolution

25 October 2004,


     Geologists have found a way to measure the amount of oxygen present in the atmosphere billions of years ago.  The amount of oxygen is proportional to the number of life forms/species that earth could support at a given time.  For young earth claims to be true, the oxygen level in the past would be nearly identical to today.  This research shows that the oxygen in the atmosphere gradually built up over a 1 to 2 billion year period.  This evidence directly supports an old earth, and clearly refutes the claims of young earth creationists.

     Although the title and article support evolution, it is no problem for progressive creationists to ignore this bias.  The article clearly supports an old earth, with life forms being created by God individually, without evolution.


Ancient Baby Bird Fossil Found in China

22 October 2004, CNN.COM


     The fossil of a baby bird, curled up in it's shell, has been found in 121 million year old rocks in China.  Complete with feathers, it provides one of the earliest birds in the fossil record.


Researchers Unearth Ancient Rift Activity

30 July 2004,


     Research has revealed evidence of ancient plate tectonics in the form of a continental rift, dated approximately 2.7 billion years ago.  This pre-dates any of the rock layers which young earth theorists claim were laid down by the Flood of Noah.  By the young earth model, catastrophic plate tectonics was brought on by the flood.  Tectonic activity prior to Noah's Flood does not fit the young earth model.


Oldest Antarctic Ice Core Reveals Climate History

11 June 2004,


     Recently released studies from a 3 kilometer ice core reveal the earth's climate history over the last 740,000 years.  The study shows that the earth has experienced 8 distinct ice ages, with 8 periods of warmer climate.  This is in direct conflict with young earth claims that there was only one ice age.


New Evidence for the First Stars

2 June 2004,


     New evidence from a NASA research satellite reconciles two theories about the first stars, supporting evidence for an old earth


Universe Older than Expected

14 May 2004,


     Tests in an underground laboratory indicate that the universe is about 1 billion years older than thought, pushing the age of the universe to about 14 billion years


Did Meteor Lead to Greatest Extinction?

13 May 2004,


     There was a great extinction 250 million years ago, known as "The Great Dying."  According to young earth theory, all the mass extinctions are the result of Noah's Flood.  Why then do we have separate mass extinctions?  The flood would create only one extinction event in the fossil record.


New Dinosaur Species

12 May 2004,


     A new sauropod from the Morrison Formation.  This formation was deposited during what Young Earth scientists call the Receding Phase of the flood, when the water was diminishing from the earth.  However, all the animals were killed after the first 40 days of the flood.   This animal (and the thousands of others in the Morrison Formation) is evidence that the young earth model is wrong.


New Evidence About Ancient Glaciation

22 April 2004,


     Scientists from three different universities have released research about glacial events that occurred during the Cryogenian Period (750 to 600 million years ago).  Young earth scientists have long claimed that there was only one Ice Age after the Flood of Noah.  However, evidence for this period of ice ages occurs in rocks they claim to be pre-flood, therefore it completely disproves their single ice age theory


Study:  That Neanderthal is not your Grandfather

26 January 2004,


     Scientists analyzing the skull structures of Neanderthals and humans have shown that they are a distinct species from humans.  If true, then young earth claims that Neanderthals were humans is completely untrue.


160,000-year-old Fossilized Skulls From Ethiopia Are Oldest Modern Humans

12 June 2003,


     A fascinating article about the finding of three skulls of modern Homo Sapiens, which further confirms that we are not descended from, nor related to, Neanderthals.    According to young earth creationists, Neanderthals are fully human.  However, anthropological evidence does not support their claim.  Neanderthal is clearly a separate species. 


Neanderthal DNA Confirms Distinct History

29 March 2000,


     An analysis of DNA recovered from a neanderthal bone confirms that they are not human.   This shatters the young earth claim that neanderthals are humans.


Possible Human Ancestors Lived In Spain 780,000 Years Ago

28 October 1998,


     Exact dating using paleomagnetism shows that humanoids were living in Spain 774,000 years before young earth creationists claim the earth was created.





 Did you know that you can be a Christian, and believe that the earth is billions of years old?  You can even believe in evolution and be a Christian.  There is no conflict between science and the Bible...all one needs is a proper understanding how to merge science and the Bible.  To learn more about old earth creationism, see Old Earth Belief, or check out the article Can You Be A Christian and Believe in an Old Earth?  

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