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17 August 2006

     The 17 August 06 daily feature for the young earth creation science ministry Creation Moments considers the question of how Adam could have lived a long lifespan.  The Bible records him as having lived to be 930 years old.

     The young earth author claims that "most of the effects of aging are due to genetic mistakes that accumulate over generations."    This is in addition to God limiting lifespans after the flood of Noah.  However, there is no scientific justification to the claim that accumulation of genetic mistakes leads to shorter life spans.  If this were true, then the average lifespan of people over the last 6,000 years should be getting shorter and shorter.  Today, people are living longer and longer, thanks to healthy living and advances in medicine.  Genetics does play a role in ageing, but it is not that great a role.

     The worst part of this Creation Moments article is the claim that many creation scientists still believe in a pre-Flood vapor canopy.  At present, I cannot name one credible scientist who believes this.  Due to its problems (it would roast anyone alive that was on earth), it was abandoned by the Institute for Creation Research, Answers in Genesis, and other credible young earth scientists.  The only ones that still believe it are on the fringe of science, such as the pseudo-scientists Kent Hovind and Carl Baugh. 

     While it is true that healing is faster in hyperbaric chambers, there is not one shred of evidence that the earth prior to the Flood (4,300+ years ago) had such a canopy.   Creation Moments usually produces some good material, that both young and old earth creationists can use to praise God.  However, they would do well to steer clear of questionable scientists.

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