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     Although not a ministry proper, this is the website of James Nienhuis, where he proposes his theories concerning megalithic structures, among other things, to prove that the earth is young.  He has a duplicate website called Ice Age Civilizations, where he argues that the end of the ice age was around 1500 B.C, instead of the universally accepted time of about 10,000 years ago.

     Nienhuis is a frequent poster of messages on forums, particularly  He is known for his stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to rational arguments against a young earth, which is typical behavior for a young earth creationist (for more on this, see Morton's Demon).  His material that he posts to the forums is not difficult to disprove.  However, getting him to accept that his material is wrong is impossible.  What is even stranger though is that this supposed Christian is frequently suspended from posting due to his behavior (according to another forum reader).  One is left questioning this person's Christianity, as this gives a bad witness for Christ.










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