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TTMCLS - Things That Make Christians Look Stupid: The Appendix


Review by Greg Neyman

First Published 25 Jan 2006


     One of the series of articles on Creation Science Evangelism website (the “Hovind” site) is creatively titled “Things that make evolutionists look stupid” (TTMELS for short).  The subtitle then goes on to introduce the topic for the article.  The article we shall consider in this commentary is "Appendix". 1   




     This article in the series is a little different.  Hinton gives a lot of apparently valid information about the appendix.  He correctly refers to the thought that the appendix is vestigial by appending it with the term "former" (since doctors now realize it does have a purpose). 

     It should be noted that the function of the appendix is still a topic of debate in medical circles, and is by no means solved.  In addition, any medical advice coming from Hovind's website must be taken with a grain of salt.  Hovind, in his seminars, uses absurd quotes (such as "The whiter the bread, the quicker your dead"...there are no studies to show that white bread is dangerous), and dangerous claims (he recommends Laetrile to cure cancer, but the FDA recommends against this because Laetrile contains 6% cyanide.  Sure, the cancer will be will die from the cyanide instead!).2

     The rest of the article does not make much of an issue for evolutionists.  This article has many words, but says nothing.

     How does Hinton characterize evolutionists in this article?  Here is a quote:

  • We can thank the stupidity of evolutionists for this harmful misconception.

     This is a strange way to try and reach evolutionists with the insulting them, calling them stupid.  Besides, this misconception has gone away, with the recognition of the appendix's apparent uses...discovered by these same "stupid" evolutionists.




     Just like the other articles in this series, it calls evolutionists "stupid."  If we are to love the unsaved, and win them for Christ, calling them “stupid” is not the proper way to do it.  This will turn more away from the Gospel, and harden their hearts.  Driving them away from the Gospel is working against Christ.  Hinton appears to be working against Christ.




1  As of 22 Feb 06, this article has been removed from the web.

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